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Ativan is a medicine prescribed by a doctor that is accredited to treat anxiety. An injectable type of drug is also available.

Use of Ativan :

Ativan injections are used to reduce nervous anxiety and tension before surgery, and even to address severe seizures (scientifically known as status epilepticus). Ativan belongs to a group of medicines called benzodiazepines.

Depending on the form of anxiety, people may experience a variety of anxiety complaints, such as racing or pounding heart, breathing problems when stressed, unsteadiness, agitation or fear, staying away from specific places or activities caused by fear, being tense, scared, or worried, unwarranted sweating or shaking and various other problems.

Ativan is primarily recommended for short-term applications. It is one of the drugs identified as benzodiazepines. These medications have a variety of effects on your body, including reducing anxiety, blocking seizures, inducing drowsiness, and calming muscles.

Dosage of Ativan :

The starting dose of Ativan for anxiety is one mg 2 to 3 times a day. While using Ativan for sleeping problems resulting from anxiety, the advised starting dosage is 2 to 4 mg once a day before going to bed. Major troubles can arise in case you use Ativan at greater dosages as well as for an extended time period as opposed to what your health practitioner advises.

Take this drug orally with or without meals as guided by your health care provider. The quantity is based upon your health state and reaction to the medication. If instructed by your physician, use this drug on a regular basis to be able to have the most advantage from it.

What will help you not forget and miss the dose, is taking the medicine at the same time day after day. Never stop taking this medicine abruptly without asking your health practitioner. Several problems could become more serious when this medicine is suddenly stopped. Your medication dosage might need to be lowered step by step.

Side Effects of Ativan :

Some of the more common side effects of Ativan include allergic reactions that can manifest as difficulty breathing and swelling of the throat, lips, tongue, or face. In some rarer cases, patients develop yellowish skin and eyes, rashes, and even sores in the throat and mouth area.

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