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A combination of Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen, Vicodin is one of the most popular pain relievers of modern times. Of these Hydrocodone is a narcotic component in the drug and together with acetaminophen which is the non-narcotic component, it works well to control and bring relief for all kinds of pain, moderate to even severe ones though the strength might vary for each case. Side effects are not serious but one might feel occasional dizziness and nausea along with a sleepy lethargic feeling. It is easily available over the counter through local as well as online pharmacies though the cost can be considerably less online.

Vicodin or Hydrocodone Prescription Pills: The Key Uses

The combination of the non-narcotic pain reliever Acetaminophen with the Hydrocodone creates a strong pain-relieving solution that works well for all kinds of pain. The narcotic component in the hydrocodone sends a signal to the brain which allows the nervous system to adapt to the pain better while the acetaminophen works on the chills and fever associated with the pain simultaneously. The only consideration is the Vicodin dosage which will vary depending on how severe the pain is.

It is always better to inform and the best way to know more about the medication you are taking is to go through the fine print in the leaflet that comes along with the medicine in the pack. This information is regularly updated so spare some time to read them when you buy for the first and even during refills. If you still have questioned your doctor, nurse or pharmacist will be happy to supply you with further information.

Since there is a narcotic component in medicine, Vicodin can become addictive for long term users. It may not be evident at first but over time one will feel greater dependency which can be dangerous. According to the FDA, the compulsion and habit of taking narcotic drugs without any valid medical reason is addiction. Consult your doctor if you feel any such habits forming.

Buying Generic Vicodin or Hydrocodone From Online Pharmacy

Vicodin is a branded medicine but the patents for these brands have long expired. This has led to two things: one can Buy Vicodin Online Without Prescription, over the counter; and there are now many generic versions of the drug available. These are just as effective minus the high cost involved. In fact, insurance companies prefer that you buy the generic version which is why most pharmacies stock them more than the branded versions. The medicine in both forms is available in a 3 strength formula and can easily be bought online. A little research will get you the cheapest Vicodin options available through various online pharmacies.

Can You Buy Vicodin Legally in the USA?

It is a common misconception that one can not get Vicodin legally in The USA. Since it is a controlled substance there are strict regulations that need to be followed for the supply and sale of this drug, even in the USA. But if you have a valid prescription from authorized US medical practitioners you can Buy Vicodin Online drug from an online pharmacy. You can also consult with a licensed and registered doctor in the USA to get refills easily. In fact, you will need a valid prescription from your doctor for you cannot buy Vicodin legally from a legitimate pharmacy without one. Please keep in mind that you cannot expect large quantities of the drug to be prescribed since no doctor in the USA will allow large quantities of any narcotic to be available to a foreigner.

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Of course one can buy other medications from Online pharmacies without prescriptions, unfortunately, that does not hold true for medicines like Vicodin which has habit-forming features and risks.